Sustainable and eco-friendly furniture. WHY NOT?

    ecofriendly furniture

    Nowadays, living green is a popular and global trend. Therefore, the use of sustainable and eco-friendly interior products such as: Natural materials (bamboo, rattan, cork, stone,…) and easy-recycled materials (stone, recycled metal, recycled tiles…) is a useful and popular solution for modern living spaces.

    Here are the undeniable benefits of choosing sustainable and eco-friendly furniture:
    🔸 Economic benefits: Minimize the costs incurred in the construction stage and improve the foundational value of the architecture throughout the life of the economy.
    🔸 Social benefits: Creating an ideal environment-friendly living space, ensuring safety for human health. Unique and creative design, some products have bold colors of national culture.
    🔸 Environmental benefits: Reduce waste and pollution of water sources and living environment.
    With VIFA ASEAN 2023, suppliers and businesses can display and find high-quality, unique, eco-friendly, and sustainable Interior – Exterior products.
    Taking place from August 29 to September 1, 2023, VIFA ASEAN will attract 350+ exhibitors with 1,400+ booths from Southeast Asia in general, and Vietnam in particular, promising to be the ideal hub for purchasers looking for a reputable and quality source.

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