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    How to register a booth and exhibit at the fair?

    When can I book the booth/space for the coming fair?

    • We open the booth/space registration in March.
    • We give priority to the exhibitors of the latest fair to keep their current location.
    • Please give us your information (Company name, address, email, contact person, telephone, products of exhibit). After the current exhibitors confirmed their registration, we will send you all necessary information for booth/space registration. 

    How is the registration process?

    • Choose the available suitable booth/space
    • Receive the quotation for the booth
    • Review the draft contract before signing
    • Make payment as stated in the contract

    What if I want to change the booth location after the contract is signed?

    • We accept the change if the available booth location is suitable for your company’s demand and our policies. We will compose the Appendix to confirm your new booth location (if any).

    How are the terms of payment?

    Can I pay in cash?

    • If the value is under 20 mil VND, we will accept the cash payment.

    The currency in my contract is USD, can I pay in VND?

    • Yes, you can pay in VND. The value will be exchanged according to the exchange rate listed by Vietcombank (selling rate), at the time we receive the payment.

    The currency in my contract is VND, can I pay in USD?

    • Yes, you can pay in USD. The value will be exchanged according to the exchange rate listed by Vietcombank (selling rate), at the time we receive the payment.

    How do I receive the invoice for the payment?

    • If your company is in Vietnam: we will send the VAT invoice to you via post.
    • If your company is oversea: we will send the Invoice to you by email.

    I don’t need the Tax invoice, can I get a discount for the tax?

    • All of our prices (booth/space, advertising …) are VAT included. We can’t subtract the VAT due to Vietnam’s Tax law.

    How high are the Hall A1, A2 (indoor area)?

    • Hall A1, A2: 12m

    What are included in a standard booth?

    • A standard booth 9m2 (L3m x W3m x H2.5m) includes: Aluminum frame system; exhibitor’s company name fascia board; carpet; 01 information desk; 02 folding chairs; 02 x 40W fluorescent tubes; 01 power socket (220V-5A), 01 waste basket. 

    What are included in a raw space location?

    • Only the space, the exhibitors build up the booth with their own design.
    • Raw space DOESN’T include: electricity, facilities, management fee, deposit fee, work passes and other fees …

    How do I prepare for the booth?

    • The Organizer will send the guideline to you:
    • Prepare and submit the required documents: 
    • Standard booth: electrical & furniture rental (if any).
    • Raw space: booth design, electrical drawing, electrical rental & furniture rental (if any)
    • Receive the Exhibitor kit: Exhibitor Manual, Exhibitor badges, Visitor invitation, Opening ceremony invitation.

    How high is the standard booth?

    • The height is 2.5m.

    How high is the raw space?

    • Indoor area (Hall A1, Hall A2): maximum height is 4.5m (for upgraded shell scheme is 3.5m).
    • Lobby and Corridor area: maximum height is 3.2m.
    • The height of common partitions between booths is 2.5m. When the common wall of the booth is higher or lower than the above regulation, the contractor has responsibility to cover the wall uncovered (the exposed frame will cause the adjacent booths bad view).
    • Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual.

    Is there any contractor to make a special booth?

    The official contractor of the fair: Tan Minh Tien Co., Ltd.

    And also other outside contractors:

    • Huu Vinh
    • Space Jsc
    • T.H.C Design
    • Viet Art
    • Canh Co Vang
    • Kingsmen
    • Pico

    Where & When can I get the Exhibitor kit (Exhibitor badge, Manual, invitation ...)?

    If your company is in Vietnam:

    • Exhibitor Manual, Visitor Invitation, Opening Ceremony Invitation: will be sent to your company via post.
    • Exhibitor’s Badge: take at the Organizer’s office or SECC (We will notice the extract time).

    If your company is oversea:

    • You will get the kit at SECC (We will notice the extract time).

    How is the electricity for my booth? (move-in days & fair days)

    • For standard booth: there is 01 power socket (220V/5Amp) (for one equipment usage only).
    • For raw space: please refer to the Electrical Rental Form in the Exhibitor Manual.

    How to rent the furniture/equipment?

    • Please refer to the Furniture Rental Form in the Exhibitor Manual.

    Can I hang the cable / hoist winch from the hall / tent roof?

    • Hall A1, A2: Yes, please contact SECC for more information.
    • Lobby, corridor: No.
    • Tents: No.

    How to register and pay management fee, deposit fee, worker passes?

    • Please contact SECC for more information.

    When is the deadline for submitting the booth design/electrical drawing/electrical rental form/furniture rental form?

    • Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual for more information.

    What if I don’t submit the booth design/electrical drawing/electrical rental form/furniture rental form?

    • Booth design: The Organizer reserves the right to request to change the booth design if that can cause bad influence on other booths, and prohibit any exhibitor or contractor from constructing the booth if not submit the booth design. 
    • Electrical drawing & Electrical rental: SECC has the right to prohibit any contractor from constructing the booth if not submit the layout, or the layout is not reaching the safety standard. And a surcharge will be applied for late registration or onsite registration.
    • Furniture rental: Tan Minh Tien applies a surcharge for late registration or onsite registration.

    Can I move-in earlier than the scheduled time?

    • No, please follow the fair schedule. Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual for more information.

    Where can I park my truck/container truck?

    • Please contact SECC for more information.

    What are the differences between exhibitor badge & worker passes?

    Exhibitor Badges: issued by the Organizer (free of charge)

    • Standard Booths
    • Manager/Supervisor of Raw Space location
    • Exhibitor staffs who carry the exhibit and set-up the booth

    Work passes: issued by the SECC (110,000VND/badge)

    • Workers who do the structural work of the booth (frames, walls, paint, …)
    • The SECC will supervise the usage of Worker passes.
    • In case, workers don’t have Worker passes or use other passes, SECC will stop the booth construction and Exhibitor must be overcharge fee for the Worker passes.

    What if I don’t wear the badges?

    • You will not allowed to enter the venue.
    • For security reason, badges must be worn at all times within the show (including build-up and dismantling period) by any person including all contractors’ staffs having access to the event.

    Can I borrow the trolley?

    • Please contact AEL (official on-site logistics).

    Is there security staff to take care of my booth?

    • General security services will be provided within the exhibition venue, the Organizer shall not be liable for any loss or damage to exhibits or other properties of the exhibitor or any injury to persons in anytime before, during and after the exhibition.
    • All the Exhibitors must take utmost care of their exhibits and belongings.
    • You are recommended to incorporate a lockable cupboard in their booth for souvenirs, consumable & important items; or to hire a security guard for your own booth.

    How is my booth after the opening hours?

    • After the opening hours, you need to cover your booth.
    • The fair’s entrances will be sealed until the opening hour of the next day

    I can’t setup the booth ontime, I need to work overtime?

    • Please make advance requisition through the Organizer and pay Overtime charges to the SECC and Overtime security service to Song Than Vietnam Security Co., Ltd.

    Does the Organizer remove the trash for my booth? (move-in days & fair days)

    • No, you must remove and clean up all the trash and materials from building up the booths.

    What are the opening hours?

    The opening hours for exhibitor & visitor are different: 




    Opening day

    8h – 18h

    10h – 18h

    Day 2 – 3

    8h30 – 18h

    9h – 18h

    Last day

    8h30 – 17h

    9h – 17h

    In the fair days, can I carry my stuff in and out of the venue?

    You can only carry your stuff in and out of the exhibition venue before the opening hours for visitors.

    • Carry in: no document required
    • Carry out: require Move-out form (issued by the Organizer)

    When can I move-out?

    • After 17h of the last fair day until 10h of the next day.
    • Early move-out is not accepted.

    What document do I need to show to carry my products out of the venue?

    • You need to show the Move-out form (issued by the Organizer) to the security staffs
    • This form will be distributed to each booth at 17h on the last fair day

    I need to go to the airport to fly back to my country earlier than the fair’s ending time?

    Early move-out is not accepted. Please follow the schedule.



    How to prepare for your trip to visit the fair?

    What is VIFA ASEAN?

    • VIFA ASEAN is the international fair in the furniture, home decoration, handicraft and furniture accessories field for export in Vietnam.
    • VIFA ASEAN will gather the best suppliers from Vietnam, ASEAN countries and all the world.

    Where and when is VIFA ASEAN held?

    • The fair is held annually in August at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) – 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Is there any ticket? What should I do when visiting the fair?

    I come with a group, how can I register?

    I registered online, what should I do next?

    • After submitting the registration form, you will receive the confirmation email. Please check your Inbox and Spam.
    • In case you don’t receive the confirmation email, please redo the registration or email us at for support.
    • You will need to show this email to our staffs at the registration counters to receive the Visitor admission badge.

    What are the Organizer's supports for visitors?

    What are fair rules for visitors?

    • The dress code is Business attire. We don’t accept people wearing casual clothes (slippers, shorts …).
    •  Children under 1.3m will not be permitted into the fair. This is a B2B event, you are suggested not to take the children with you.
    • No camera.
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
    • The Organizer reserves the right to refuse any visitor who doesn’t follow the fair rules.

    Is there wifi? Is it free?

    • Yes, the Organizer provides free wifi at the fair.

    Is there any room to keep my luggage?

    • Yes, there are luggage keeping rooms. Please see the floorplan at the fairground.

    How can I apply for Vietnam VISA?

    Does the Organizer support us in the VISA application process?

    • We can support by issuance the Letter of Invitation.

    • Please email us at your information includes: Gender, Full name, Passport No., Issue date, Expiry date, Place of issue, Date of birth, Nationality, Port of arrival, Period of stay (from … to …).

    • Notice: We don’t issue Letter of Guarantee/Letter of Approval).

    • Some nationalities are difficult to apply for Vietnam VISA.

    How can I get to the SECC?

    • You need to arrive at Tan Son Nhat Airport (SGN, Vietnam).
    • Then take a taxi (Mai Linh or Vinasun taxi are recommended) to go to the SECC. Grab car service is also available in HCMC. It’s about 01 hour to go from TSN Airport to SECC.

    Is there shuttle bus service?

    • No. Currently we don’t do the shuttle bus service.

    • Most of our official hotels have the airport pick up/drop off service, some have hotel-SECC transfer, which is flexible and suitable for your visit schedule.

    Is there any hotel with special rates?

    Please suggest some good hotels & restaurants near the SECC?

    • Our official hotels near SECC: 

      • Capri by Fraser (4 stars), 01 min walk from the SECC
    • For the restaurant:

      At the SECC: (serve during fair hours)

      • 01 restaurant at 2nd floor
      • 01 banh mi shop at the Corridor
      • 01 coffee shop outside near the Lobby
    • Near the SECC:

      • There are restaurants, cafeteria and food court in the Crescent Mall: 05 min walk from the SECC.

    What else can I enjoy in HCMC? (eating, entertaining, sightseeing …)?

    I need to preview the floorplan and the list of exhibitors to prepare for my visit schedule?

    Can I get the support from the Organizer to find the products I need?

    • We are ready and will try the best to help you. You need to submit the specifications, quantity with the photos of the products and your contact details to us at

    Are there factory tours during the fair?

    I can’t visit the fair in-person, can I see the fair photos?

    • The Organizer will publish the online fair at to help connect the exhibitors with the buyers, who can’t visit the fair in-person.

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